Learning the importance of muscles in art



Muscles is something that every animal on the planet have and the muscles vary from animal to animal based it on the animal’s purpose but the biggest factor is survival. Like animals humans also have muscles designed and our muscles are designed in such a way that can support our weight in 2 feet and also are really good working with delicate movements. The muscles are responsible for the movement of our body and other functionalities.

But why for us artists is so important to understand how muscles work why do we have to know what muscle goes where and how can knowing muscles functionality can help us improve our skills in life drawing and concept art.


Getting to know muscles can help you understand the form of a drawing model. How it twists and bends and it can give you a clearer idea of how the shading and body works and that can reduce the time you spend the form of the body. Also the knowledge on muscles can help you draw human or animal bodies from your mind accurate. Furthermore the most interesting part is concept art. Knowing how muscles work can greatly increase your skill with concept art as you create something contemporary such as a mythological monster or a hybrid animal it can be a great tool for concept artists because they often have to deform a human body in a such a way that is needed for their project.

In conclusion muscles are a powerful subject for artist to know because not only helps them with drawing but it also a vast general knowledge for the human or animal body.



[1] ÉCORCHÉ STATUE  Sculpture by Rafael Grassetty [https://grassetti.wordpress.com/ecorche-statue/]